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Our shop on line part of the site is not like the rest of the sites that you see. What makes us different is that we are not putting all that stuff in front of you on the first page like everyone does. For us is not about the buy buy buy thing but we like to have the more personal touch.  Yes we do want to sell something to you but we are not going to throughout all that extra stuff on a product picture or description like every one else does trying to get you to buy more products that might go with it . You will also notice that what you see is what you get in the pictures.  Most sites just down load a picture of the product taken off some site and put on there site.  You will notice that every thing you see pictured here on our site has been personally photographed. We do have alot more than whats on this site so if you might be looking for something that you do not see here we may have it so just give us a call.

Stay stoked!